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Easy to use calculator for solving  Indeterminate beams with different load

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For different sections including I-section and T-section.

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Easy to use calculator for different loads on beams

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A collection of illustrated solved examples for civil engineers.

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Calculate the strength of reinforced concrete beams

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Calculate Bending moments for simply supported beams

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Civil Engineering Quiz

Test your knowledge of Civil Engineering and get prepared for the exams.


STATICS  Quiz # STS 01

This section consists of quiz covering topics related to introductory course in statics.



Select the most appropriate answer for the following questions.




A force of magnitude 60 kN makes an angle of 30 with positive x-axis. Its component about y-axis will be

  (i) 34.64 kN                    (ii) 30 kN                             (iii) 40 kN



A point P is subjected to two collinear forces F1 and F2 in such a way that it is in equilibrium. If F1 = 6i   2j + 3k then F2 will be

  (i) F2 = 6 i + 2j 3k        (ii)  F2 = 2i + 6j + 4k                  (iii) None




The position vector for a point P (2,3,4)  is directed from the origin O (0,0,0) of the coordinate axes  towards the point. It can be written as

 (i) OP = 2i + 3j + 4k      (ii) OP = 4i + 3j + 2k            (iii) None of these




A force of 10 kN is acting as shown in the following figure. Find the moment of the force about P.

 (i)   20 kNm                (ii)  10 kNm              (iii)   None of these







5 A force vector  F of  5 units acting at a point is directed towards positive x-axis. It can be represented as

(i) F = 5 k                    (ii) F = 5 i                 (iii) F = 5 j


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