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National conference on �Design and Construction Practices in Hot & Arid Regions�, (DCPHAR)

 The Department of Built & Natural Environment at Caledonian College of Engineering a University College in Oman had planned and organized the First National Conference on �Design and Construction Practices in Hot & Arid Regions, DCPHAR�, on 22 March 2004.

 The Conference had been planned with two parallel technical sessions and an Exhibition of manufacturers displaying their wares. The tally of the delegates was 160 in numbers, 24 papers out of 30 were presented in two parallel technical sessions and 12 stalls were erected on the occasion, which speaks about success of the event, following the organizer�s efforts.

 The organizers received reports that the organization and planning of conference, themes identified, paper presentations, exhibition and the panel discussion were of great importance to the delegates and for those who participated in the conference.

 They have stated that Caledonian College of Engineering has achieved a new milestone in its history and added a new feather in their cap. They mentioned that the conference of this stature had left a deep imprint on the canvass of Caledonian. Team members from GCU and SQU have also acknowledged the excellent conduct of the proceedings of the conference.


Caledonian Organises a Seminar on

�Construction Chemicals at a Glance�

 Caledonian College of Engineering, A University College in Oman has organized a Seminar on the topic �Construction Chemicals at a glance�, by the representatives of Gulf International Chemicals SAOG (GIC), Oman under the auspices of the Department of Built & Natural Environment on 13th April 2004.

 The Seminar was based on introduction and technical know-how pertaining to Construction Chemicals, their usage, why they are required, their action etc.,

 Seminar was planned with technical deliberations in two sessions:

First Session being highlighting the admixtures, scalants and epoxies and the second focussing on repair and rehabilitation of Concrete works and flooring. The technical deliberations in both the sessions were done by Mr Rao, NG, Sr Manager of GIC. Both the sessions were followed by question and answers relating to the usefulness of chemicals in construction.

 The themes of both the sessions were introduced to the target audience by Dr Syed Anisuddin, Deputy Head of Built & Natural Environment, Caledonian College of Engineering. The introductory address was delivered by Mr Sashidar KKV, General Manager of GIC.

 The concluding remarks were presented by Mr Leonard Crasta, Head of Built & Natural Environment, Caledonian College of Engineering.

Report by Dr Syed Anisuddin

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