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Slope and Deflection Calculator for Simply Supported Beam with uniform load on a portion of span

Uniform Load on a portion of span
Beam with UDL on part of span

This calculator is for finding the slope and deflection at a section of simply supported beam subjected to uniformly distributed load (UDL) on a portion of span. This calculator uses standard formulae for slope and deflection. Loads acting downward are taken as negative whereas upward loads are taken as positive. Distance 'x' of the section is measured from origin taken at support A. Downward deflection is negative whereas upward deflection is taken as positive. Counter-clockwise rotations are taken as positive whereas clockwise rotations are taken as negative.

You can visit instructions for slope and deflection Calculator if you need more help and guidance on sign convention adopted.

Please refer to the figure and enter the required values in the form given below and then click "Calculate"

Span of beam 'L' (m):
UDL 'w' (kN/m):
Distance 'a' (m):
Distance 'b' (m):
Distance 'x' (m):
Modulus of Elasticity 'E' (GPa):
Moment of Inertia 'I' (cm^4):
Please make sure that
all the distances are positive

Slope at X (rad):
Deflection at X (mm):
Slope at A (rad):
Slope at B (rad):
Deflection at mid-span (mm):

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