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Project Planning and scheduling  

After defining the scope and objectives of a project it is important to prepare a list of activities required to complete the project and then prepare a schedule of these activities. CPM and PERT are powerful tools for planning and scheduling of complex projects.

Project scheduling plays an important role in the following:

  • estimating the time and cost of the project. 

  • serve as the basis for allocating resources,

  • estimating cash flows

  • establishing the extension of time and the associated cost to be awarded for delays and variations.

  • monitoring and control of project performance

The following items should be considered carefully while preparing project schedule:

  •   The activities of work which consume resources;

  •   Milestone dates and Critical dates for completion;

  •   The resources (labour, construction equipment and materials) based on the  proposed construction techniques and methods;

  •   The duration of project activities based on the available resources, the production rates and the quantity of work to be done;

  •   Total demand for resources;

  •   The sequencing of project activities based on the relationship between them;

  •   The critical path of the project;

  •   The working days in the calendar and potential problems (climatic, political, social etc);

  •   The delivery time of equipments;

  •   Access to the project site;

  •   Types of labour (direct hire or by subcontractor);

  •   Subcontractors job;

  •   Local holidays and shut-down periods;

  •   Working hours for different resources involved in the project (e.g. 8 hours/day, 6 days week etc);

  •   Work of other contractors on the site;

  •   Financial restraints of the client.

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