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           Calculator for Strength of Reinforced Concrete beam (SI units)


This section provides a calculator in (SI/Metric system of units) to estimate the strength of rectangular section of a reinforced concrete beam (singly or doubly reinforced).

ACI (American Concrete Institute) guidelines are adopted in developing this Calculator:

  • Ultimate compressive strain in concrete is equal to 0.003.

  • Tensile strength of concrete is ignored.

  • Strain varies linearly over the depth of the cross section.

  • Steel stress varies linearly until yielding and remains constant beyond yielding.

  • Compressive force in the concrete is determined from Whitney's equivalent stress block.

The following figure explains how different values have to be selected for the calculator.  

doubly reinforced concrete beam

The effective depth "d" is determined from the centroid of tension reinforcement upto the top-edge of beam. If there are two layers of tension rebar, separate them with a clear distance and other criteria as per ACI 318-08. The user of this calculator is advised to comply with ACI guidelines for beam thickness, rebar spacing and cover etc.The following calculator will be helpful in determining the nominal bending moment strength of rectangular Reinforced Concrete beam. It will also calculate the strain in the layers of rebar which helps to know whether steel has yielded or not.


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Select the Section of RC beam to start Calculation
Reinforced Concrete beam with   One layer of Tension Rebar

doubly reinforced concrete beam with one layer of tension rebar

Reinforced Concrete beam with  Two layers of Tension Rebar

doubly reinforced concrete beam two layers of tension rebar

RC Beam Calculator in FPS/US Customary units


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Last updated on Tuesday February 18, 2014