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              Environmental Engineering  

Everything which surrounds and affects us may collectively be termed as the Environment. It consists of living and non-living things.

Civil Engineers take care of natural environment and built environment.

The natural environment also known as habitat includes biotic (living) and abiotic (non-living) things occurring naturally on Earth.

Built environment is developed and influenced by humans. It consists of buildings, transportation systems, water distribution system etc. 

The studies in Environmental engineering enable us to examine the impact of humans on the  environment through resource exploitation (over-consumption, land degradation, and pollution of both air and water).

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The area of Environmental Engineering is concerned with providing us a safe environment free from pollution and it involves analysis and design of water treatment plants which are categorized as;

(i) Sanitary Waste Treatment,

(ii) Industrial Waste Treatment and recycling,

(iii) Drinking Water Treatment. 

Environmental engineering covers treatment of chemical, biological, and/or thermal waste, the purification of water and air. Good knowledge of fluid mechanics is very much required for environmental engineers

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