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Advanced Soil Mechanics
Lecture Notes by Lucy Jen and Charles Ladd, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. USA.

Soil Mechanics
Course notes, presentations and exam questions by David Airey, University of Sydney, Australia.

Soil Behaviour  Lecture notes from MIT-USA

Foundation Engineering
Course notes and presentations by David Airey, University of Sydney, Australia.

Pile Foundation Analysis and Design
Lecture Notes by H.G. Poulos and E.H. Davis, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Sydney, Australia.

In the note, �Key Design Parameters�, it was indicated that for c-� soil, calculation of active earth pressure for design of Abutment/Retaining wall 

The Role of Soil Mechanics in Environmental Geotechnics 1995, James K. Mitchell, The Third Spencer J. Buchanan Lecture

Estimation of active earth pressure against rigid retaining walls
It is known that the distribution of active earth pressure against a translating rigid wall is not triangular but nonlinear, owing to arching effects in the

Geotechnical Engineering Design
Lecture Notes and Powerpoint Presentations by Priyantha W. Jayawickrama, Texas Tech University, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Soil Mechanics - Presentation
Lecture Notes and Slides by Kamal S. Tawfiq, FAMU-FSU College of Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering Department

Foundation engineering and design
Classification of deep foundations, types of pile foundation 2. Load transfer mechanism: friction resistance, . Lecture notes provided by the instructor

Theoretical Geomechanics
Course notes by Marinn Ivan,

Geotechnical Design
Lecture Notes and Slides by Kamal S. Tawfiq, FAMU-FSU College of Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering Department

Design of Sheet Pile Walls
Design of Sheet Pile Walls. (Technical Engineering and Design Guides as Adapted from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Complete Information portal on Geosynthetics

Mitigation of Soil Movements from Pile Driving

�Influence of pile driving and pile characteristics on pile foundation performance.� Lecture Notes, New York Metropolitan Section, ASCE, New York.

Foundation Engineering by Prof Bengt B Broms

active earth pressure, passive earth pressure, lateral earth pressure at rest, shear stress,


ACTIVE EARTH PRESSURE COEFFICIENT. Thus, the active earth pressure coefficient is as shown on the previous page and the active earth pressure is


Geotechnical and Structural Design. Shallow Foundations. DESIGN OPTIONS

Geotechnics specialist

Geotechnics, Specialists in Geotechnics and the Geoenvironmental Sciences.


Coefficient of Active earth pressure (0.17 to 1.0). K. p. = Coefficient of Passive earth pressure (1.0 to 10.0)

GeoTechnics Web Site

Geotechnics is an independent accredited laboratory that provides professional services. The Geotechnics staff is experienced and committed to our client's needs and schedule.

Geotechnical testing

Geotechnics is a specialist materials testing company,  The Geotechnics Ltd. window sampler equipment is a combination of the Nordmeyer Percussion Coring ...

Geotechnics - Arup

Geotechnical engineering is an essential element required in the design and construction

Geotechnics, Inc.

Geotechnics Incorporated provides geotechnical consulting services for both public and private interests in the southwestern United States and in Mexico.

Land-drill Geotechnics

Land-Drill Limited provides all types of land-drilling, environmental, hydrogeological, geological geotechnical laboratory and consultancy services.

Geotechnics America

Ground improvement and soil consolidation contractor for America and the world.


Geotechnics was formed over forty years ago. ... Geotechnics now supply "Window Samplers" which have been used in Europe for over 20 years for geotechnical


The Netherlands. Fabrication, installation and distribution of woven and nonwoven fabrics, composites and systems. Large site with a wealth of technical and

Soil Mechanics educational websites

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