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Hydraulics & Water Engineering

The links on this page will lead you to books, lecture notes from distinguished faculties, authentic products and service providers in the areas of Hydraulics , Hydrology & Water Resources

Lecture notes in Fluid Mechanics from MIT-USA

Ground Water Hydrology Lecture notes from MIT-USA

Advanced Fluid Dynamics of the Environment Lecture notes from MIT-USA

Introduction to Modelling and Simulation Lecture notes from MIT-USA

Fluid flow calculations: pressure pipes
Hydraulic jump � Bernoulli (pitot tube, dam, sluice gate) � Discharge from a Tank. Flumes:
Bernoulli Equation Calculator with Applications

A sluice gate is often used to regulate open channel flows, and the Bernoulli equation does an adequate job of modeling the situation


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NUI Galway, Engineering Hydrology, Teaching

Fluid properties, pressure and manometry, simple hydrostatics, continuity, energy and momentum equations, hydraulic power, flow measurement principles

Momentum Transport in Sharp Open-Channel Bends

Gain insight into the behavior of advective momentum transport The analysis so far has been limited to an experiment under one hydraulic condition

Hydraulic machines. Turbines and pumps effect on the installation and operation of pumps and turbines. In this same chapter the conditions of cavitation-free operation of the equipment are presented

Hydraulics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Hydraulics is part of the more general discipline of fluid power.  The ancient engineers focused on sacral and novelty uses of hydraulics

Eaton Hydraulics Internet  Eaton Hydraulics Brand Menu Click on the brand names in the black bar to display more information about each brand, including links to web sites.

Fluid Mechanics Site contains a collection of tutorials, javascript calculators, and links of interest to those doing teaching and research in fluid mechanics,

Overview of Fluid Mechanics Theory Overview of Fluid Mechanics; independent variables, Reynolds number, governing equations

Calculations and Equations of Fluid Mechanics Calculations for pressure pipes, open channels, ground water, hydrology. Software, formulas, equations.

Fluid Mechanics Problems, Solutions, Notes, Basics, Help, Tutorials Fluid Mechanics Problems, Solutions, Notes, Basics, Help, Tutorials

Denison Hydraulics Designs, manufactures, sells and services high-engineered hydraulic components and fluid power systems.

WL Delft Hydraulics Independent consulting and research institute, provides information on water-related issues like flood management and river engineering.

Poclain Hydraulics Poclain Hydraulics is launching SmartDrive� Canalogger, ... Poclain Hydraulics, their sole hydraulic motor supplier, has worked with them since the

Sun Hydraulics Corporation Designs and manufactures high-performance, screw-in hydraulic cartridge valves and manifolds which control force, speed and motion as integral components in

Monarch Hydraulics, Inc. Hydraulic systems and components designed, manufactured and distributed to the worldwide fluid power market.

Pipeline Engineering by Henry Liu Energy Conversions by Pumps and Turbines � Types of Pumps and Turbines � Pump Drivers � Coupling Pumps to Drivers � Pump Control, Operation, and Maintenance

International Cargo Freight Forwarder
 BMI, Inc. an International ocean cargo consolidator,
 freight forwarder, and custom project broker company serving in  Houston, New Orleans, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, savannah,  Atlanta, Charleston, Norfolk, Miami and worldwide

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