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          Land Surveying  

Land Surveying is the process by which a surveyor measures certain dimensions that generally occur on the surface of the earth using modern surveying equipments, They produce maps with accurate measurement of angular deviation, horizontal, vertical and slope distances. From these measurements they calculate the area and volume required for different construction works. The knowledge of engineering graphics is also required to plot the maps.

Sophisticated equipments like theodolite, digital level, total station, compass, distometer, clinometer, planimeter, levelling staff etc. are required to measure the distance and angle with high degree of precision. Latest techniques of GPS (Global Positioning System) and Remote Sensing are also being used by surveyors.

Land surveying plays an important role in construction process of buildings, roads, canals, dams, bridges etc.

Do you know that the total surface area of the Earth is 510 million km2. 29.2% of this area is covered by land (149 million km2), and 70.8% of this area is covered by water (361 million km2).

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