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Bending Moment & Shear Force Calculator for uniformly varying load with different intensities (maximum on right side) on simply supported beam

varying load on beam

This calculator provides the result for bending moment and shear force at the required section "x" of a simply supported beam carrying a uniformly varying load (trapezoidal) with different intensities (maximum on right side) on a portion of span. It also calculates support reactions and maximum bending moment value as well as its location. The values given by this calculator can be used to draw the diagram for shear force and bending moment.

In case of maximum intensity on the left side please click on the following link
Calculator for maximum intensity on left side

All upward acting loads are taken as positive and downward as negative. All the distances should be measured with reference to the extreme left end (A) of the beam. You can visit instructions for bending moment calculator if you need more help. Please refer to the figure and enter the values of load and distances in the form given below and then press "Calculate".

Span of beam 'L' (m):
Load Intensity w1 (kN/m):
Load Intensity w2 (kN/m):
Distance 'a' (m):
Distance 'b' (m):
Distance 'x' (m):
Please make sure that
all the distances are Positive
and w2 is bigger than w1

Reaction at A (kN):
Reaction at B (kN):
Shear force Fx (kN):
Bending Moment Mx (kNm):
Max. Bending Moment (kNm):
Distance of Max. B.M. point (m):

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