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Problem SolverNew

A collection of illustrated solved examples for civil engineers

Reinforced concreteNew

Analysis and design of reinforced concrete structures


A collection of quiz in different areas of civil engineering

CE HorizonNew

Online Civil Engineering Journal and Magazine

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Get to know about distinguished civil engineers

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Worldwide College & Univ. information,

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Structural Analysis Links

The links on this page will lead you to available web resources including books, Lecture notes, products or services in the field of Structural Analysis.

Deflection CalculatorNew

Easy to use calculator for different loads on beams

RC Beam CalculatorNew

Calculate the strength of reinforced concrete beams

Bending Moment calculatorNew

Calculate Bending moments for simply supported beams

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 Dynamics Selected books

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 Structural Analysis Selected books

 Structural Dynamics Selected books

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Finite Element Analysis  Lecture Notes by Victor Saouma, Dept. of Civil Environmental and Architectural Engineering, University of Colorado, Boulder


Basic Structural Theory Courseware from MIT-USA


Moment Distribution CalculatorNew

Easy to use calculator for solving  Indeterminate beams with different load


Structural Analysis and Control Lecture notes from MIT-USA


Mechanics of material systems Lecture notes from MIT-USA


Mechanical Behaviour of Plastics Lecture notes from MIT-USA


Solid Mechanics Lecture notes from MIT-USA


FrameSolver 2D for Windows Download the full version of FrameSolver 2D for free to model and analyze planar frames, trusses, and multi span beams.


Bridges - their structure and function Information about bridges. Most of these pages are about bridges


Analysis of plane trusses  Free download of Linear static analysis of plane trusses program,


The Structural Design of Tall Buildings The website for The Structural Design of Tall Buildings.

Structural Analysis Reference Library Material properties, stress analysis formulas, reference tables, on-line manuals, and fastener analysis data for structural, mechanical, and aerospace


How Bridges Work Clear, concise explanations for various types of bridges with many illustrations and related links.

Structural analysis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Structural analysis comprises the set of physical laws and mathematics required to ... The common subjects of structural analysis are buildings, bridges,

Static and Dynamic Structural Analysis of 3D Moment-Resisting Frames

Free software for static and dynamic analysis of 3D moment-resisting linear elastic structures. Written in K&R C. Source code includes: frame analysis

Bridges - Great Buildings Online

Great Buildings Online provides images and information on a selection of famous bridges world-wide.

Bridge Basics - A Spotter's Guide to Bridge Design Pictures, history, and structural explanations of many different types of trusses and bridges

Structural Analysis, Inc.

provides engineering consulting services in computerized analysis and design with emphasis on Finite Element Analysis as applied to mechanical, aerospace,

SourceOECD: Statistics : STAN Industry Structural Analysis

SourceOECD STAN Structural Analysis. Database Edition (ISSN 1608-1307) Download also: STAN Country Excel Files . Click below for more statistics.

Spreadsheets for Structural Engineering - Free software

Structural Analysis FEM Software - free Java Software that be tested online. ... Frame - Free software for static and dynamic structural analysis of 2D and

Structural Analysis

the Ultimate CAD Directory by TenLinks finds and organizes sites in all subjects of interest to CAD professionals.

Structural Analysis of Discrete Data and Econometric Applications ...

Structural Analysis of Discrete Data and Econometric Applications. Charles F. Manski and Daniel L. McFadden, Editors Cambridge: The MIT Press, 1981

alphaWorks : Structural Analysis for Java : Overview A technology that analyzes structural dependencies of Java applications, measures stability, detects structural.

The Finite Element Method Site Free Finite Element CAD Software in Java that can be tested online. Software for 2D and 3D stress analysis, bending of beams and torsion studies.

Structural Engineering Selected topics in Structural Engineering; structural mechanics, Analysis, Design, bridge

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