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                                         Admixtures for Concrete

Admixtures are added to a concrete mix either before or during its mixing to modify the properties of concrete like setting time, curing, temperature, colour or workability.

The use of Admixtures help to achieve the following objectives:

1. To reduce the cost of concrete construction.

2. To maintain the quality of concrete during different stages of concreting like mixing, transporting, placing and curing. 

Admixtures can be classified into the following five major categories:

  • Retarding admixtures
  • Accelerating admixtures
  • Super plasticizers
  • Water reducing admixtures
  • Air-entraining admixtures

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Some other types could be regarded as:
  • Corrosion inhibitors
  • Shrinkage reducing
  • Colouring admixtures
  • Permeability reducers
  • Damp-proofing admixtures
  • Hydration control admixtures
  • Alkali-silica reactivity inhibitors

Concrete admixtures can be either of the following types:

Mineral admixture

Chemical admixture


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Last updated on Thursday January 31, 2013

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