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                                     Quantity Surveying


Quantity Surveying is broadly concerned with the estimation, planning and control of the cost on construction projects. It cover a wide range of activities including cost estimation, cost planning, value engineering, feasibility studies, cost benefit analysis, lifecycle costing and valuation.

Efficient and effective utilisation of resources (materials, manpower, money) is the main objective of a quantity surveyor. It also requires him to have an up-to-date information of market, tools  and equipments to help in  planning and scheduling of construction activities and resource allocation.

Risk analysis is an area which should be thoroughly studied to become a successful quantity surveyor.  The quantity surveyor should be able to assess the risk involved and be able to decide whether it should be retained or transferred.

Quantity surveyors play an important role in contract procurement, tender evaluation and dispute resolution. Good knowledge of construction technology is very much required for a quantity surveyor.

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