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  Calculation of Area  

Area is defined as a quantity to express the extent of a two-dimensional surface or shape. It is measured in square units e.g., cm2 , m2

The table given below shows formulae of some standard shapes.

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*When the height of triangle is not given, but all the three sides are known, the area will be calculated by following formula.

Area = Sqrt {s (s-a) (s-b) (s-c)}

where s = half of the perimeter

Perimeter is the sum of all the three sides of a triangle.

*If two sides and one angle is known, we can find the other sides by using sine rule or cosine rule as the case may be.

Area of rhombus = (1/2) d1d2 ; where d1 and  d2 are the diagonals of rhombus.

Area of segment of a circle = 0.5 R2 (C - sin C) , where R is the radius of circle and C is the angle (in radian) subtended by the segment at the center.

Area of a parabolic segment with its base "b" and height "h" is given by, A= (2/3) b h

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Last updated on Thursday January 31, 2013

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