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CE Calculators > Simple Beam         Bending Moment Calculator for Simply supported beam                

This free online Bending Moment calculator is developed to provide a software tool for calculation of bending moment and shear force at any section of simply supported beam (without overhangs) subjected to point load, uniformly distributed load, varying load and applied moments on the span or supports.This calculator uses equations of static equilibrium to determine the reactions at the supports and then determines the values of shear force and bending moment at the required section. It also calculates maximum value of bending moment and the point of maximum bending moment which are based on bending moment equation for the loading case.

Instructions for using Bending Moment Calculator

(i). Sign convention The loads acting upward are considered as positive while the downward loads are taken as negative. Sagging bending moment is taken as positive and hogging as negative. The clock-wise moments are negative and anticlock-wise as positive.

(ii) All the distances should be measured with reference to the origin of axes which is taken at the extreme left end of the beam. All the distances should be entered in meter and load in kN. It will give the values of BM in kNm and SF in kN. While applying the load, keep in mind that the load should not be outside the span of the beam.

(iii) You can also quickly get the Bending Moment values at different sections of the beam, just by changing the position of section "x". But keep in mind that the value of "x" should not be more than span of beam.

(iv) In case of more than one load, take the sum of the results of all the cases (using principle of superposition). Calculated values can be used to plot the bending moment diagram.

(v) This calculator can also be used to find the ordinates of influence line diagram for structures.

                        Select the Loading case from the following

Varying load on part of beamNew

varying load on simple supported beam

Varying Load on part of beamNew

varying load on part of simple supported beam

Point Load on the beam

point load on beam

Moment on the span

moment applied on beam span

UDL on a part of span

uniform load on beam

Moments on the supports

Moments applied on supports

UDL on full span

Uniform load on full span

UDL on left side

uniform load on left side

Varying Load max on right support

UDL on right side

uniform load on right side

Varying Load max on spanNew
varying load on beam span
Varying Load max on left supportNew
Varying load maximum on support

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